Wise words from Bill Bernbach.

“Just because your ad looks good is no insurance that it will get looked at. How many people do you know who are impeccably groomed … but dull?”

Now you can grab someone’s attention with looks alone but good looks don’t guarantee something. Creatives make the mistake to believe that if an ad is eye-catching, it is automatically successful. This is untrue. It’s important that we make the conversation as good as the look that grabbed you in the first place.

But loads of ads are ‘well designed’ ie. all the bits are in the ‘right’ places, the photography is by someone good, the typeface is well chosen, the layout is good etc. But they are still interminably dull, and just get overlooked. I think there is something more magnetic in just being visceral and simple, rather than trying to be impeccably turned out. Obviously, it depends on the product though.

Layout 1


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