About Me

Hello, my name is Atekka Iqbal. I’m a Manchester-based writer, designer, communicator, problem solver and all-round creative thinker. Phew, what a mouthful. This is my space where I share my personal experiences and reflections about passionate living, writing, social media, design and creativity.


What I do //

I work with small to medium businesses (PregnancyPillows.net, Crescent Services) as a social media manager. Helping brands become better listeners in order to raise brand awareness, generate sales and increase customer loyalty. Most importantly, I aim to create brands that truly matter to people.

It’s not about advertising, brand values or selling products, it’s about people, purpose and changing behaviour. – Leo Burnett

Combining my love for advertising with my love for writing and design, I graduated from BA Creative Advertising at University of Salford. Working as a creative with both Copywriting and Art Direction background, I  develop idea-led solutions across a range of media. My main goals are to inform, persuade, inspire.

I Believe //

In big ideas. The joy of storytelling. The sizzle and spark of community.

I believe in always learning. Being a student of life. In embracing mistakes, screw ups and shortcomings because they are gifts, gems, guideposts in our learning and growth as people. Success always starts with failure.

I believe in the intoxicating mix of risk and safety. In experimenting, with new friends, new hobbies and new ideas. Life is about challenges and how we handle the ones we are given.

I believe in myself. The beauty of dreams. That we all have the ability to make things happen.

Other Bits & Bobs //

I’m a proud Mancunian with roots in Pakistan. I’m usually found with my nose in a good book (fantasy, YA or chick lit). My favourite poet is Rumi. I’m introverted and have a wandering mind. I love thoughtful modern design infused with strong typography. My Instagram is proof of my obsession with food, sunsets and city life.

Thank you for visiting my corner of the Internet.

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