Tell, don’t sell.

Since Christmas, I’ve been working on D&AD’s #MakeYourMark New Blood Award 2014 alongside other modules. As it’s a competition brief, I’ve been reluctant to share any work, development or otherwise on my blog. The brief is:

Share your own personal story. But don’t tell us what you think we want to hear. Explain who you are, your values, your identity, your purpose… your truth. This is telling, not selling.

  • Know who you are
  • Communicate it

You should use this opportunity to showcase your creative talent in the execution of your story.
Once you know what you want to say, impress us with how you say, show and present it.

We understand that your story is a work in progress, it’s still being written. We’re interested in your journey to date, a suggestion of what’s to come. Get people excited about your “To be continued…”.

I initially struggled to think of a story worth telling and know how exactly I stand out from the crowd. It’s considerably easier to sell a product/service than it is to sell yourself. It requires a large amount of self-analysis but also analysis by close friends and family. It does feel like you’re under the spotlight but that’s the part and parcel of the brief. Overall it’s been an interesting experience, resulting in a great insight about myself and the kind of person I am and aspire to be.

So I’ve now written a script that I think is suitable and fits the brief and I’m in the process of filming around the city of Manchester, UK. I will edit this into a video that I hope will be a strong contender in the competition. Finger crossed.

Here are some initial brainstorms and free hand lettering that I did to get the ball rolling. I used quotes that specifically relate back to me and my aspirations. Do you have any favourite quotes that inspire you? Share in the comments below 🙂

Scan-to-Me from 2014-02-18 150518-page-002Scan-to-Me from 2014-02-18 150518-page-003 Scan-to-Me from 2014-02-18 150518-page-010Scan-to-Me from 2014-02-18 150518-page-0041Scan-to-Me from 2014-02-18 150518-page-005Scan-to-Me from 2014-02-18 150518-page-006  Scan-to-Me from 2014-02-18 150518-page-008Scan-to-Me from 2014-02-18 150518-page-009  Scan-to-Me from 2014-02-18 150518-page-011Scan-to-Me from 2014-02-18 150518-page-007 


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