Make Your Mark

As I mentioned in a earlier post, I’m working on a competition brief by D&AD. In response to the Make Your Mark brief, I’ve decided to create a two-minute self-promo video. The theme is Hard Work and Curiosity, two main features that form me as a person. I wanted to express that it’s these vital features that are my secret recipe for success. 

Deadline day is looming.

I’m balancing other university modules, work and social life so it’s been a mad rush to complete all my work on time. I wrote a script, drew storyboards, researched potential locations and made countless changes. I’ve previously created film trailers and music videos for A-level Media Studies but this is the first time I’m creating a video in a short span of time.  As I’m a born and bred Mancunian, it’s important that the video was set in Manchester and shows the vibrant city off as one of my sources of inspiration.

After days of preparation, I went out today to do all my filming. But I underestimated just how stressful it would be. I had 50 boards and initially seven locations to visit, and it took us six hours to complete. We had some struggles such as camera functioning erratically, bad weather however it was an interesting and enjoyable experience. I’ve finished filming so all that’s left to do now is edit the footage into a video that’s Yellow Pencil worthy.


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