I’m a proud born & bred Mancunian and I truly love my city. I could travel all around the globe yet there’s nowhere else in this world that could match the feeling of home. 

I recently captured the above photo of The Wheel of Manchester, in Piccadilly Gardens. Its colours and vibrancy remind me of all the different types of peoples, languages and cultures that exist in Manchester. And how this diversity come together to make a beautiful connected city. Colour, in all respects, is what Manchester does so well; one of many reasons why I love this place. 


I also find that the busy city streets are a source of hope, a reminder to look past our worries and see the bigger picture. Impossible as it may seem,  the earth keeps spinning, people come and go, seasons change and we have to make the choice to keep moving forward. 

Things will get better.

Atekka x

P.s All-day breakfast makes me happy.

Moose Coffee, MCR