Manchester Digital: Talent Day 2014

On Wednesday 12th February, Manchester Digital Talent Day took place at Manchester Town Hall. Part of the Digital Skills Festival, Talent Day gives people looking for jobs in the digital, creative and marketing sector the opportunity to meet and chat with potential future employers.

The summit is organised by Manchester Digital – the independent association for digital business – with the support of Manchester City Council, the Manchester Metropolitan University, and in partnership with all four local universities and local colleges.

 So on Wednesday, I went down to Manchester Town Hall to take part in the biggest digital careers fair in the North. It was a great day and an insightful experience. I had the opportunity to speak and hand out my CV to a range of agencies such as BJL, McCann Manchester, Delineo and Access AdvertisingIt was awesome to meet like-minded people and receive valuable advice and guidance. Overall it made me evaluate what my career aims are and what department I would like to work in. Although my course has moulded me as an advertising creative, I have experience working as a content writer and I’m open to what role I can play. Check out my LinkedIn for further info about me.

The recruitment fair took place in Manchester Town Hall. It’s a truly beautiful building, especially in terms of architecture, history and character. The juxtaposition of light and dark is remarkable. I particularly loved the staircases! Here are a few mobile throw-away photos I took,

Atekka xo

P1000359P1000360P10003654   9


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