Advertising, Personal

The End is Near

In a mere 12 weeks time, I will be graduating from my BA Advertising Design course at University of Salford. After three years of hard work and determination, I feel well-prepared to join the ad industry and make my mark. Can’t wait to work with other like-minded people and most importantly have some fun.


For our final major project, we’ve been asked to set our own brief to focus our creative exploration. Ideally it should relate to my personal career ambitions. It’s an opportunity for me to bring together all my learnt skills and experiences from the course as a whole. I have a few directions that I could go but it will take some brainstorming until I reach the big idea.

I also have a Personal Branding module to complete, the D&AD New Blood Award “Let’s be Brief”, set by Kati Russell and a 8,000 word dissertation. It’s going to be a busy few months but will be worth the extra effort. I hope to go out with a bang!

The prospect of graduation has raised many questions to ask myself. Time to reflect:

  • What are my Career Aspirations?
  • What are my life goals?
  • What is my USP?
  • What skills am I bringing to a job?

Any advice for a future creative advertising graduate? 


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