Step Into Your Comfort Zone

I’m back at uni for my final year on the Advertising Design course. The workload has drastically increased and it’s beginning to dawn on me that I’ll be out in the real world in just 9 months. I’m kinda nervous but also raring to go. My main focus is to complete as many briefs I can over the next few months and update my portfolio with my best final ideas. I will also be entering the D&AD competition so fingers crossed.

Our first brief of the year was for Comfort fabric conditioner. We are speaking to women aged 45 to 50 who have stopped using Comfort, their children have grown up and left home. We want to say “Keep the feeling of comfort for themselves”. To support this, we want to say “Comfort cares for your clothes, leaving clothes, towels and linen smelling fresh”. The “Cloth world” characters have not worked for this target market so will not be used.

Here is a small selection of our responses to the brief:

Comfort Brainstorm



Ambient idea to hang clothes in city centres to create intrigue.



Bring the smell of Comfort to the daily commute, through a scented newspaper.

For the next idea, many other scenarios can be used to show the target audience’s comfort zone, for example breakfast in bed or a movie night. The target audience will then associate Comfort with the pleasant feeling of me-time. We also created a quick mockup of how it could look digitally:


Comfort5 Digital

This final idea was our favourite, we think it could work well visually through press ads.


Comfort61      Comfort62


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