The Shift to Visual Social Media

The way we communicate online, especially on social media, has had a major shift. In many ways, the focus has moved from written social media to visual social media.

What started as websites and blogs where we shared our message with 500 to 1,000 words or so quickly moved to micro-blogging platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Even micro-blogs became more multi-media driven as we watched Tumblr take off and YouTube reach more than 4 billion views daily. Pinterest and Instagram are now two of the fastest growing and most engaging social networks.

This infographic from UberVU makes a clear point, “Visual social marketing is here, and it’s making money.”

Social Business Infographic, Part 4

Next up is an infographic from Socially Sorted which not only shares a variety of statistics about visual social media usage trends but also explains how brands can leverage the power of social media. A few tips included in the infographic are:

  • Don’t tell if you can show.
  • Create original visual content.
  • Crowdsource visual content.
  • Add the words back in.

Shift to Visual Social Media Why Brands Must Embrace Visual Social Media in 2013


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