Childhood Dreams

Right now I’m in my second year at uni, happily studying advertising design. In the near future I will be a junior advertising creative. Life is good. You could say I’m living the dream. I am living the dream. However when I was a child, I had lots of other aspirations that withered as I approached adulthood.  Even though things are wonderful in my life, I regret not pursuing some of my other passions.

Childhood dreams are something that every kid has at some point in time. I remember mine all too well. I wanted to be a writer. As I grew up, I read books, lots and lots of books. Words and the English language amazed me. My childhood was spent captivated by the likes of J.K. Rowling, Roald Dhal and J.R R Tolkien. My first favourite book was Matilda; it made me believe that reading numerous books would give me the gift of magic. I’m still patiently waiting for this to happen.

When I completed primary school at the age of 11, they gave us this little notebook “You’re Fantastic: A guide to being your best”. To this day I treasure this book and have it locked away safely . It is full of little nuggets of advice and inspiration. In the back, I wrote down what I wanted to be in the future and it’s written proof that I’ve always wanted to do something creative . Being creative = being happy.


The biggest fantasies possible are what those dreams were to me. I remember them fondly now and know that even though they have changed, hints of some of them are still with me each and every day.

Your choices and actions empower you to realize your childhood dreams, even if only a shadow of their former selves.  It is those childhood dreams that have given us a sense of purpose through life and guided our path each step of the way.  Few people may realize how much influence their childhood dreams may have over their lives.  But just like a faithful companion our childhood dreams are with us through our lives, guiding us along the way and setting the bar by which we measure ourselves. (via)


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