Phone Boxes Converted Into Mini Libraries

Just discovered this today and I think it’s a super idea!

Villagers in the Somerset, UK have recycled their old red phone box into a mini library. The idea is take a book and leave a book, in no set proportion, no sign-ins or membership required. They’re an inventive use of a redundant place and are now becoming part of the timeless village life & aura.

It is part of BT’s Adopt a Kiosk initiative. Where there is limited use of the public payphone service, a local authority can apply to take ownership of the telephone box effectively free of charge thereby protecting the heritage of the community.

“When we temporarily lost the mobile library, we lost an important part of the community. We had the opportunity to not only keep our local heritage through the iconic phone box, but also create a service that is genuinely useful and benefits everyone in the community. In addition, we are also promoting literacy – let’s just say that it’s really ticked every ‘box’.”

There are now 32 new phone boxes used as book exchanges in the first six months of 2012.

There are other clever uses too, such as a defibrillator point or mini art gallery.



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