This year I had a four-month summer holiday and it was the longest summer ever. I enjoyed all the free time and doing things I usually don’t have the time to do: cooking, travelling and photography. However after the first month, I needed to be back at university.

My first year studying Advertising Design was a breeze, I barely ever struggled and happily did more work than was expected of me. Brainstorming with like-minded people, coming up with ideas and generally being creative. I knew this is what I wanted to be doing for the rest of my life.

So when I began my second year three weeks ago, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I was raring to go.

Then I received my first brief…

This brief wasn’t like any of the briefs we had received in our first year. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get my head around it. To make matters worse, we had a new tutor. In every brainstorming session we had, he insisted on giving negative feedback trying to better our ideas yet his plan backfired. We all left feeling downhearted.

At times I felt like my ideas being rejected was a personal attack on me. I didn’t think I was right for the advertising industry and was ready to give up.  My creative partner was no help since her father had an accident so I was left to fend for myself. I decided to try again.

Back to the drawing board.

If I could just see the brief from a distance with a clear head then maybe the ideas would come. I gathered as much research as I could on my brief. I went to every brainstorming session to see what ideas my fellow students had come with. My main tutor noticed how much we were all struggling and came to see us. To see my tutor, that I looked up to, so disappointed made me feel depressed. He went back to the basics, explained the brief in simple terms and gave us all a much-needed pep talk. I tried again.

I sat with all my work around me and began to connect the dots. Then the idea hit me. I discussed it with my creative partner who agreed this was it. After putting the idea down on paper, we went to show our tutor. I was worried, what if he disliked it?

We briefly described the idea to him and shown him the work. His eyes lit up. “It’s simple and right on brief. I love it. Perfect.” Hallelujah. I physically felt a weight slide off my shoulders.

Now this isn’t the end. We still need to iron out any creases but atleast we’ve crossed the first hurdle.

Moral of the story:

Try and try again. Persevere. No matter how difficult something may seem, don’t give up. Always have faith in yourself and life will be that much easier for you.


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