Nokia Joins ‘The iPhone 5 Bashing’ With Their Latest Ad

Nokia is taking a page from Samsung’s book, and has released a new ad directly aimed at the Apple iPhone 5.

In Nokia’s animated ad ‘Time to #switch’, it teases Apple consumers on how the iPhone only comes in black and white—unlike its Lumia 920, which is available in a range of different colors.

I’m not sure I like it. Nokia have ‘jumped on the bandwagon’. The problem with this ad is that it’s not really about the Nokia Lumia, it’s more about how the phone ISN’T an iPhone.  They should try to focus on the strengths of the product like the supposedly amazing camera or the company’s history of solid luxury phones.

It seems like the current trend in tech advertising is for adverts to bash any competition they may have. I’m never going to buy a new device just because one company says “buy ours because theirs is rubbish”.

Many of us still debate whether colors are what competitors need to sell more phones than Apple sells iPhones. Especially because Apple sells more devices regardless of the colors they use to build the product. Nokia may be on to something though, but we’ll just have to wait for Nokia to start selling any of their new Lumias to find out. Sadly, the fact that neither of these products is yet ready to be sold is the other irony of the ad.

Is ‘attacking’ Apple and the iPhone a new way for phone manufacturers to advertise their products?




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