Recently being an introvert in advertising has been a worry close to my heart. At times I think is advertising the right industry for me? The industry and society in general is dominated by extroverts and anyone who doesn’t fit this criteria are looked down on. Before writing this blogpost, I did a quick google search and came across this blogpost by Room345 and it’s like the words have been taken right out my mouth. Read on and let me know your opinions.


I am an introvert. I had a lifelong suspicion that this was the case, but it was formally confirmed about ten years ago when we were made to do a self-diagnosis personality test in one of my psychology courses. Admitting it out loud always makes me feel a little like I’m standing up at an AA meeting and baring my soul. Often people are really surprised to hear me describe myself as an introvert – they tend to be people who don’t know me very well. Or they tend to be people who assume introverts are socially incompetent or painfully shy people who could never speak in front of a crowded room – something I’ve done on a regular basis throughout my career. Introversion feels like something you should be a little bit ashamed of, as if it’s an anti-social trait which is frowned upon. It definitely doesn’t feel like…

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