Genius idea. Replace 404 Error Pages With Photos of Missing Children.

How many times a day do you get a 404 error message when looking for information on the internet? What if you could put that wasted click to good use? Now you can, by helping to find missing children.

The NotFound project, a collaborative initiative from Missing Children Europe and Child Focus, wants to raise awareness for missing and sexually exploited children in Europe by asking participating website publishers turn their 404 error pages into notices.

The organizations say thousands of children go missing in the Europe Union each year, and that spreading their photos is by far the most effective way to help find them and bring them back to safety.

“The 404-page is a cornerstone of the internet culture. An increasing number of websites designs have customized error pages that limit frustrations for the user. With the NotFound-project we are however taking this one step furtherby giving these pages a reason to exist. The next step came easily:  Page not found, neither is this child”. – Laurent Dochy, Digital Conceptor at Famous and creator of the NotFound project.



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